Saturday, December 30, 2017


It is just a hair after the stroke of midnight, marking this date at December 30th, and marking this date even further (and more specifically) as eight years to the day when Savage Cinema was born. And as I have done over all of these years upon this date, I continue to use this time as an opportunity to give you the fullness of my gratitude as I could not have reached this milestone without you.

Truth be told, I never think of all of the time that has passed when I go through the year, writing one posting after the next, but now, when I look backwards, I am so very humbled. In fact, I guess I grow more humbled with each year, partially because of the sense of personal achievement because I never, ever thought of myself as being someone who would put himself "out there" with writing so personally and therefore, sharing it, because honestly, when writing about film, I am always writing about myself, sharing myself, and offering views for you into myself.

I also feel so tremendously humble as I muse over the passage of time because reaching this finish line of eight years seems to odd, so strange, so inexplicable because it does feel as if I just got myself started--despite the fact that I have all eight years right at my fingertips...and they are happily sitting at yours as well.

I feel humbled most of all because you have been with me for all of this time. For regular visitors, to occasional readers, to those who have looked for even just one posting, it is entirely because of you that I continue to have the impetus to keep pushing forwards. Yes, I would be going to the movies anyway. But I know myself very well. If not one soul even cared about this endeavor of mine, believe me, I would have ceased it long ago, keeping all of my words and thoughts to myself. I am more than aware that the world does not need one more person chiming in about the movies...least of all, me.

But, you have encouraged me. You have supported me. You have seen everything that I have wished for this blogsite to become: a place for me to share my passion about the movies and writing as best as I am able to perform. To show that not every location upon the internet needs to be a haven for snark, vitriol and reckless negativity. To know that there is always a way to say something, even when being critical. And mostly, to hopefully encourage conversation, between me and you and all of us between the movies we all experience. I hope that my wishes have proven themselves evident to you and I pledge to continue this journey over this next, ninth year.

It is so, so bizarre as I look back to that day when I was sitting in my parent's basement while visiting them for the holidays and the idea and subsequent birth of this blogsite began. I was so very scared. In fact, I was beyond scared. I was terrified. Because, really, who cares what I thought?

I knew I would never be the late, great Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert rolled into one package but at least, I wanted to hopefully demonstrate that whatever I knew about the movies, I owed it all to them for they were my first and best teachers regarding the art and artistry of what the movies could actually be. I just wanted to try.

THANK YOU everyone for allowing me to try and accepting my attempts so warmly, with such kind words and enthusiasm for my exploits. It can never be stated enough how much your kindness serves as rocket fuel for me as I approach the next review. It is never enough for me to write for myself--my reviews are always sitting in my brain for me to access whenever I need them. I am writing to express myself, to reach out, to keep taking chances and having you there to reach back means the world.

And so, here we are at the precipice of entering year nine of Savage Cinema. Are you ready to go with me?

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