Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I find myself in a strange, precarious position for this month as the immediate future of Savage Cinema is unforeseeable.

Yes, March is typically a slow movie month during any cinematic year and there is not much on the horizon that I am actually excited about. I am curious about the new independant comedy "Cedar Rapids" as well as the gritty looking science fiction thriller "Battle: Los Angeles," yet I am not entirely certain if time and money will allow for those cinematic risks as of yet.

I am currently composing a new entry for "Savage Cinema Revisits," featuring an obscure work from Cameron Crowe, that I had not been able to properly finish for last month but it is in the hopper. Additionally, I do have some ideas for new entries in the "Revisits" series as well as the "Buried Treasure" series and I may indulge those during the month.

But, there is a much larger issue at hand...

I will not engage you, dear readers, in any proselytizing or soapbox ravings as I have done so elsewhere more than enough. But, simply stated, events in Madison, WI are intense and wide reaching and potentially may impede my ability to indulge in my life-long cinematic passions. So much is currently unknown, making the future of Savage Cinema equally hazy.

I will try my very best to keep the ship sailing but if there needs to be a hiatus, then I will compose a special announcement for all of you if that time should arrive.

Otherwise, I will carry onwards as usual and I'll see you when the house light go down...I hope.

Lord, do I hope.