Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I will never be ceased to be amazed or thankful.

While I pledge to do my very best to keep my comments brief, I sincerely hope and wish that any sense of brevity upon my part is not misconstrued as being ungrateful. For honestly, how could I be ungrateful, when I owe so very much to all of you.

Six years ago, while vising my parents in Chicago over the holidays, I took a giant leap in my life by beginning this blog which I christened "Savage Cinema," based upon an ancient high school nickname that I have continued to utilize here and there. Now, six years later, I am sitting within the study (such as it is) inside of my own house as my wife and cats are sleeping soundly in the next room, and I am stunned to realize how much time has passed, how much I have written and most importantly, the wonderful support that I have continued to receive from all of you to keep pushing ahead and pursuing my dreams of writing about movies, an art form which I will forever cherish.

THANK YOU so very much for taking the time out of your busy lives to spend reading absolutely anything that I have written regarding movies that I have watched. Believe me, it is not lost upon me whatsoever that the world does not need any more film critics and that the internet specifically, does not need even one more voice chiming in about anything at all. But that said, I am humbled more than I can ever tell you about how endlessly appreciative I am if you have ever felt that anything I have contributed has been worth your time, and that you have found some sense of value.

It remains of the utmost importance to me to keep Savage Cinema a positive place for you to visit. Even when a review is negative, and even harshly so, I continue to pledge to not devolve into mindless vitriol. My greatest wish is to just be a good writer and in doing so, I always keep at the forefront of my mind that there is always a way to say something. I'm not writing to try and score points. I'm just writing because I love writing and I am hoping that if you  have been a frequent visitor over the years, you have been able to see some sense of growth amidst the purity of intent.

THANK YOU for all of your kind words and support, all of which propels me to the next review, the next month, the next year, the next...well, anything! Your kindness gave me a bit more courage than I ever could have mustered all by my lonesome. Your encouragement gave me the strength to not only keep pushing along with Savage Cinema, it gave me the strength to give birth to my music blogsite Synesthesia and to even begin releasing my creative writing upon a third blog devoted to a long gestating novel entitled Tales From Memorial Union. It is because of you that my creative life has taken such flight and as always, my gratitude is bottomless.

And now, I am about to begin Year Seven!! I still cannot believe it. And always know that I never could have achieved this feat without you.