Monday, January 1, 2018


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and may 2018 prove itself to be bountiful in its offerings for all of us...especially when we go to the movies!

For this month, as it always has been for myself and my movie-going activities, January 2018 finds itself to exist as a 2017 wrap-up, as certain end-of-the-year major releases find themselves being widely released during the month.
In addition to Paul Thomas Anderson's "Phantom Thread," I am also eagerly awaiting the full release of Steven Spielberg's "The Post," a film that feels could not be more timely, even if it were entirely printed upon the front pages of all of our morning papers.

Aside from those two films, I do have another new review in the hopper and beyond even that, I will also begin to reveal my annual Savage Scorecard list of my favorite and least favorite films of the now previous year.

With that, it is time to get myself back to the woodshed, so to speak. So, as always, I ask for you to wish me good health and I will pace myself and hopefully deliver to the best of my abilities. And, of course,once again, I'll see you when the house lights go down!!!

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