Thursday, March 2, 2017


Plans and schemes...

Each month upon Savage Cinema I share with you my plans and schemes for the month, revealing which films I hope to see and review for you and myself. Now that the Oscar season is behind us (CONGRATULATIONS "MOONLIGHT"!!!), and my review of Jordan Peele's "Get Out" is on deck, I honestly have no idea of what my plans and schemes may ultimately happen to be. Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.
Perhaps I would try out "Logan," the 10th film in the "X-Men" series, a franchise I abandoned long ago after the third film which I just loathed. But, the reviews for this new film have been exceedingly high, so that plus its more adult R rated tone, has intrigued me. Yet, even so, I am not sure if I necessarily want to dive back into that pool.
Or would I finally check out the recently Oscar nominated, box office smash "Hidden Figures"? To be a part of the conversation, plus receive a window into a world of history that I never knew about, I do need to see this film.
And then, there are several music based documentaries that I have piled up here at home, including "The Smart Studios Story," a film not only important to the Madison, WI music community  but to music itself,  Oddly enough, I do not tend to have much time at home to just leisurely watch a movie due to my schedule but I have been itching to watch this film since first heard of its creation.

So...we'll see what the month brings and until then, I'll see you when the house lights go down!

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