Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The time has arrived, dear readers. The time has definitely arrived!!!

This month's activities on Savage Cinema will nearly exclusively revolve around the Oscar season and my final tallies of the cinematic year of 2016 with my annual Savage Scorecard series, which I do really need to get cracking with.

In years past, my year end compilation series ran in four parts but this year, I am thinking that it will run in three--the full explanation of why that has come to pass will be included once the series begins being written and posted. But, even with one less installment, it is more than enough to keep me busy in addition to also making Oscar predictions and writing an Oscar wrap up as well.

Because of that, I am almost thankful that February is typically an extremely dry month for new film releases (folks, if there were only two of me...) but even so, there is one film that I am most interested in seeing later this month.
"Get Out," the horror/thriller/social satire from Writer/Director Jordan Peele, has blazed its way into my consciousness ever since I first saw the trailer m any months ago Early reviews have been looking strong and again, while I am not one for horror films, something that carries a racial slant as well as an African American male lead--something you never see--I am more than ready to check this one out.

As for anything else, we shall just have to see how the month maps itself out. So, as always, wish me luck, I pledge to do my very best and I'll see you when the house lights go down!!!!!

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