Saturday, October 1, 2016


Hopefully, movies are about to take a turn for the better.

This past month, was shamefully dry in new releases, while films that I had hoped to view did not arrive in my city whatsoever, further accentuating the growing problem with the movie industry as it pertains to what the general public is actually allowed to see anymore. It makes me so upset when I cannot think of any reason that Ron Howard's Beatles documentary was unable to be seen on the big screen. And I do not care if Kevin Smith's latest was critically trashed. For all of the awful movies that do find themselves released weekly, I just wanted to have the chance and opportunity to check a new film, one that I would choose to see, out for myself. Why do the Hollywood bean counters not understand that if you take the power of choice away regarding the content of what moviegoers are able to choose from, everybody loses?

Rant over...I guess, but that being said, I am hoping that the tide can turn during these final three months of this otherwise dismal cinematic year. While Tim Burton's latest is on deck, I am hoping to also see the following releases this month...
1. "The Birth Of A Nation," the passion project from Writer/Producer/Director/ Actor Nate Parker, which ran away with critical accolades at the Sundance Film Festival in January is a must-see without question.  
2. "Moonlight," from Writer/Director Barry Jenkins has intrigued me from the very first time that I saw the intricately artful trailer. Films pertaining to the 21st century African-American experience are such a rarity that I feel compelled to see this one. 
3. Andrea Arnold's "American Honey" her nearly three hour road odyssey, which has also intrigued me from trailers and early critical praise is one that I would also be willing to try out...should it arrive in my fair city.

And for now, I do think that this is a fair amount of material to try and get myself to during the month of October. As always, please send me all of your good vibes and I'll see you when the house lights go down!!!!

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