Monday, August 1, 2016


The best thing that I think that I am able to say about the 2016 Summer Movie Season is that it is almost nearing its merciful end.

This has not been a good year for movies in general and the summer season in particular, as we have reached a creative rut all around. In great years as well as lean, I remain intrepid in my search for all wonderful things in the world of cinema and perhaps this month, there will be a surprise waiting for me.
1. The superhero onslaught continues with the latest from the DC Comics universe, Writer/Director David Ayers' anti-hero epic "Suicide Squad." Why this has possessed a certain intrigue for me, I do not know as I think the cards are somewhat stacked against it as Zack Snyder's previous two efforts with Superman and Batman have been highly ambitious as well as criticized in equal measure. But, who knows for certain? All I can do is to purchase a ticket and judge for myself.
2. On the flipside, I am always ready for the annual film from Woody Allen, and his latest "Cafe Society," is no exception.
3. After spending nearly 20 years in the real world as a preschool teacher, I do have a vested interest in seeing "Bad Moms." My gut is preparing me for something that will most likely be not up to my personal standards, but even so, the trailers have made me laugh and I am hoping all of the good stuff was not placed into the previews. We shall see...

This month, I will again provide my annual tribute to Writer/Producer/Director John Hughes on the 7th anniversary of his untimely passing in 2009 with an exploration and remembrance of "Pretty In Pink," which has reached its 30th anniversary this year.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, dear readers, as it's going to be a busy month. And as always, I'll see you when the house lights go down!!

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