Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Summer is now upon us and with that, the Summer Movie Season will only heat up. With that, I do have to admit to you that as I look at the listings for new releases, I am discovering  how underwhelmed I happen to be as so many, too many are of the sequel/remake/reboot variety. Including two, that do have my curiosity as well as my heavy skepticism...
1. After scoring with what just may be the finest film they have realized in last year's "Inside Out," the wizards of Pixar are now beginning their next phase, an unfortunate stream of sequels opening with the inaugural "Finding Dory," the sequel to one of their finest efforts, "Finding Nemo" (2003). I have to admit to you that for quite some time, I really had not planned upon seeing this film at all. But after reading interviews with Co-Writer/Director Andrew Stanton, I am willing to give this film a chance with the hopes that it will lean more heavily towards the likes of "Toy Story 2" (1999) and not "Cars 2" (2011). 
2. Even more perplexing to me is the arrival of Director Roland Emmerich's "Independence Day: Resurgence," a full 20 years after the original film--but in this age of reboots and sequels, I suppose that it was only inevitable. That said, early trailers have impressed me and maybe this will be as fun of a ride after all. Here's hoping!
3. For something original, I am just itching to get to my Sundance theater this coming weekend and see Director Yorgos Lanthimos' "The Lobster" starring Colin Farrell and Rachael Weisz. Already the recipient of rave reviews, I am seriously looking forward to experiencing something different, something wholly unique and special.

Beyond those three features, we'll just have to see. But, as always, wish me luck and I'll see you when the house lights go down!

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