Sunday, May 1, 2016


To my beloved Savage Cinema, I extend to you a heartfelt apology.

Dear readers, the extended hiatus of this blogsite was first somewhat intentional but has now transformed into being completely unintentional. I had planned on trying to see three movies during the month of April and yet, I saw only one. Now a part of this had to do with life getting itself in the way of my personal plans. But, in another way, my lack of movie going may be a result of a larger issue within the film industry.

I won't bent your ears anymore about my distaste with all of the reboots, sequels, re-imaginings and superhero movies all over again but I am feeling that the glut of those types of films at the expense of every other kind of film has now led to the issue of what just may or may not be finding its way into our local theaters. Writer/Director Jeff Nichols' science fiction thriller "Midnight Special" arrived and left my city before I truly noticed that it had eve arrived...and at only one theater at that. Don Cheadle's "Miles Ahead," only in town for one week (and which I will get myself to screening today) is also already almost on its way out.

Granted, the pickings for film-going lately has been slim, and the bigger studios and more high profile releases are always going to receive ore attention. But even so, for films that are riskier or smaller, I am fearing that the chances for those types of films to have even a window of a chance at the box office is growing slimmer, something that is detrimental to all manner of filmmakers as well to us as an audience.

Seeing the long lines around my city during the Wisconsin Film Festival was proof positive that audiences are hungry for so much more than movies that go "BOOM!" Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with big budget movies designed for the masses, but if that's all that we had to choose get the picture.

With all of that being said and with "Miles Ahead" waiting in the wings, the one movie that I already know that I am gearing up for (and which has already received a healthy share of glowing reviews) is of course...
1. Yes, I am not immune to the superhero movie, especially if it is a good one and the Marvel Comics Film Universe, while not always successful, has been more than consistent over the last 8 years and now, I actually feel ready to see the next installment "Captain America: Civil War" as directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, who previously helmed the superior "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (2014).
2. Beyond those two, I am hoping that "Sing Street," Writer/Director John Carney's latest ode to music and romance arrives in my city for a healthy theatrical run.

The massive and the decidedly smaller. I love them all and wish to see as many as life will allow. I'm feeling hungry for the movies again after quite the lengthy break. So, as always I ask for your well wishes...

...and I'll see you when the house lights go down!!!!

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