Friday, April 1, 2016


New month and at long last, new movies!!!!

Last month, I expressed that I did feel a bit of a need to take a short hiatus, as I needed to step away from movies and writing about movies after the huge output from the late 2015 releases and the Oscar season and telecast. Now, I am more than feeling the itch to get back to my local cinema and take in whatever 2016 has to offer me and this month, I am more than excited about three offerings in particular.

1. Writer/Director Jeff Nichols who has previously delivered the excellent psychological, apocalyptic thriller "Take Shelter" (2011) as well as the coming of age, summertime Gothic drama "Mud" (2012) returns with "Midnight Special," a science fiction themed film, his first in four years. Nichols has truly proven himself to be a filmmaker worth watching and I am very curious with his latest offering.
2. Richard Linklater's long awaited return after the glory of "Boyhood" (2014) finally arrives with "Everybody Wants Some!!" his self-described "spiritual sequel" to both "Dazed And Confused" (1993) and "Boyhood," as he delivers a weekend college romp in the year 1980. Just get me the ticket already!!!!
3. I have been waiting for this film for quite some time, so much so, that I even contributed a little taste to the film's crowd sourcing fund in order to get the film made! "Miles Ahead," an impressionistic exploration of the iconic Miles Davis as co-written, directed by and starring the brilliant Don Cheadle is finally being released this month and I am hoping that my local Sundance theater will be screening it.

Just to be able to stretch my movie muscles again will be great and hopefully, these three offerings will have more than enough to not only entertain but to also stimulate my writing muscles. So, as always, I ask that you send to me the very best of your well wishes...

...and I will see you when the house lights go down!!!!

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